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Rohan started painting in 2005 whilst recovering from cancer of the lower bowel.

However it was not until 2016 that he decided to take it seriously.

"I decided I was far better off chasing happiness, instead of being stuck on the wheel of everydayness chasing money."

With multiple artistic talents,  Rohan is influenced by almost anything his immediate environment throws up, be it musically, politically, socially or environmentally.

His work concerning urban issues directly affects Rohan, who being homeless for a number of years himself put him into the bracket of the social underclass; invisible and undesirable.

His work coincides with the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower in Notting Hill.

"Funny thing is, my work had just taken that direction concerning high rise blocks and urban issues. 

I grew up on a council estate and ended up living in a high rise for about 20 years.

I gave up my council flat after the third burglary...

and put an end to that."


As an artist Rohan is self taught.

"i never had any skills at school concerning art at all!

One day i just started doing it when i got depressed.

I was working long hours at a dead end job, and my relationship at the time had failed.

At first i started drawing with pencil, and felt pens, then moved on to paint.

When i decided to get serious, i would standing at the easel for 14 hours a day, working out my problems as i went along without consulting books or social media, in a rat infested studio i was illegally living in at the time in South London, getting better at my skills until i was happy to show my work"

"why did i not go to uni?

"To my mind, hard work, consistency, patience and being myself was the only schooling or university i needed"  

Rohan's art depicts how life can change in the blink of an eye with good fortune, and also grave misfortune.



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